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Celestial Church of Christ Complete Profile & Latest Information

All important details about Celestial Church of Christ. The Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) popularly known as the White Garment church is a globally recognized, spiritual organization that embodies unity, indivisibility, and holiness. It originated from divine order and was established on September 29th, 1947 in Porto Novo, Republic of Benin, by its founder. With its international headquarters located in Nigeria, the Church has gained widespread recognition through its numerous parishes and dioceses that are dispersed all over the world. The Ministry is found in the majority of nations in the world, including the United States and several other African nations. Worshippers wear white garments (soutana) but are not allowed to wear shoes when in their soutanas and inside the church.

Celestial Church of Christ
Celestial Church of Christ

This Blog post/write-up is a comprehensive profile of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), popularly known as the White Garment Church. It provides information about the history of the CCC, its founding, and its founder, Late Reverend, Pastor, Prophet, Founder Samuel Bilehou Joseph Oshoffa, who experienced a divine revelation in 1947 that led to the establishment of the church.

The profile also covers the church’s growth, international recognition, and leadership structure, including the challenges faced in the matter of succession after Oshoffa’s death. Additionally, the write-up provides statistics about the CCC, such as its average global attendance, the location of its headquarters, branches, and its current leader.

History of The Celestial Church of Christ

Who is the founder of the Celestial Church of Christ?

The Celestial Church Of Christ was founded by Late Reverend, Pastor, Prophet, Founder Samuel Bilehou Joseph Oshoffa.

The Divine Order
God called Rev., Pastor, Prophet Oshoffa on the day of total Eclipse of the sun in West Africa, when he was in the forest of Dahomey (now Republic of Benin), to purchase Ebony wood being a carpenter and timber trader, just like his father.  He was in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights.  Just as our Lord Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness for forty days and forty nights.  St. Matt. 4: 1-11, Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-13.  Just as our Lord started his mission of redemption alone, so also did our highly esteemed Rev., Pastor, Founder, S.B.J. Oshoffa started alone, on the 29th September 1947.

Oshoffa, a former carpenter born in Dahomey (now Benin) in 1909, experienced a divine revelation while lost in a forest during a solar eclipse on May 23, 1947. Although the nearest recorded solar eclipse occurred on May 20 of that year, this event led him to dedicate his life to prayer, healing the sick, and raising the dead. He founded his church in September 1947 and appointed himself as Prophet, Reverend, Pastor, and Founder, holding the highest office in the movement. The first Pastor of the Church was the Founder, Reverend, Pastor and Prophet Samuel Bilehou Oshoffa.  Through him, the Lord Jesus Christ raised a number of dead, restored a number of blind, deaf and dumb.  He was a great prophet of our time.  He was translated at the age of 76 (in 1985) after leading the church for 38 years. However, his strict control over doctrine and discipline made succession difficult after his death in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1985. 

The Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) was recognized and authorized by the Republic of Dahomey in 1965. From 1976, the church launched an evangelistic campaign in the country, which had become independent from French West Africa in 1960. The CCC has since utilized the internet as a means of evangelization, connecting its branches in the African diaspora and maintaining contact with Nigeria, where the CCC is currently most popular.

Despite setbacks related to the matter of succession, the CCC has continued to grow. Oshoffa was succeeded by Alexander Abiodun Adebayo Bada, who led the church until his death in 2000. After a brief period of leadership by Philip Hunsu Ajose, a dispute arose over the succession to Ajose. Gilbert Oluwatosin Jesse and the majority recognized the Reverend Emmanuel Oshoffa, son of Samuel Oshoffa, as the new leader. Following Jesse’s death, his faction declared that Superior Evangelist Paul Suru Maforikan was the new spiritual leader of the church. However, contrary to the procedure of succession in Nigeria, Porto-Novo successfully chose Benoit Agbaossi (1931–2010) as the head of the church, who in turn appointed Benoit Adeogun as the next Rev. Pastor shortly before his death in 2010.

Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa was installed as head of the CCC in December 2002.

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Celestial Church of Christ Statistics

  • FOUNDING DAY:  The Celestial Church of Christ was founded in September 1947.
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  Celestial Church of Christ worldwide Has an average global attendance of 16,000+ Weekly
  • HEADQUARTERS: The headquarters of the Celestial Church of Christ is as follows;

Supreme Headquarters: Tchakou Benin, Porto-Novo.

International Headquarters: Mission House, Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria

Holy City: Celestial City Imeko, Ogun State.

  • BRANCHES: CCC has parishes around the world, including six in the Chicago area. The U.S. Diocese, headquartered in Washington, DC, oversees parishes in 25 states across the country.
  • FOUNDER: The Founder of The Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) Is Pastor Samuel Oshoffa.
  • CURRENT LEADERS: The current leader of the Celestial Church of Christ is, Rev Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa, (Pastor, Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide)

Celestial Church of Christ Leadership

The pastor is the Head of the church in all matters and he is represented at the Parish level by the Shepherd, at the district level by the District supervisor, at the regional level, by the Regional Head, and at the diocesan level by the Head of Diocese.

The Pastor is assisted in his administration by:

  • The Board of Trustees
  • The Pastor in Council members
  • Staff of the International Headquarters
  • The Heads of Dioceses, Regional Heads, District Heads, Zonal Heads and Parish Shepherds
  • At the Parish level, the shepherd is assisted in the administration of the Parish by its Parochial Committee.

Rev Samuel Oshoffa Founded the Celestial Church of Christ, However after his death, other Reverends were appointed to oversee the leadership of the commission.

Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa (full name Emmanuel Mobiyina Friday Adebowale Abiodun vihan Oshoffa, born 25 December 1948) is a pastor and the spiritual leader of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC). Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa was installed as head of the CCC in December 2002.

Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa is the first son of the Pastor Founder (Late Reverend Prophet Samuel Bilewou Joseph Oshoffa) and he is the current pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ, worldwide.

He was born in 1948 at Kpave, French Dahomey (now Benin), but attended university in Paris, earning his bachelor’s degree in animal biological science in 1976 and a master’s degree from the University of Biological Science, Nancy, France in 1977.  He was appointed head of the CCC Diocese of France in 1997.

  • VSE Joseph Olorunnisola (Head of Diocese | USA Diocese)

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Rev Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa
Rev Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa

Celestial Church of Christ Programmes / Events Calendar

Stay- up-to-date with Celestial Church of Christ Events and programs calendar for this year.

  • Daily Morning Prayer
  • Sunday Worship
  • Wednesday Mercy Day service
  • Service for the Needy & Barren Women
  • Friday Power Day Service

How to be a Member of the Celestial Church of Christ?

Celestial Church of Christ membership is open to all persons who earnestly and sincerely desire to be saved and therefore accept Jesus Christ as the son of God and the only Lord and Savior of mankind.  Those who are irrevocably committed to confessing with their mouths the Lord Jesus and believing in their hearts that God hath raised Him up from the dead and who wish to worship and serve Him in the Church; demonstrating their sense of conversion by submitting to the church tenets and taking up such duties and privileges as are entitled in the fellowship.  All these are welcome.

To be a member, you are expected to observe the following;

  1. Nobody shall be considered a member of the Church until he or she has been baptized in the Celestial Church of Christ, irrespective of any previous baptisms in any other Christian denominations.
  2. Renounce membership of all secret cults, societies, and fraternities.
  3. Renounce the worship of all idols and fetish practices.
  4. Desist from the worship of Satan and all his works, from following any fetish priests and from engaging in magic or any powers of darkness.
  5. Renounce all titles, position, or associations, which directly or indirectly conflict with the above injunctions (e.g. any type of Chieftaincy title).
  6. Declare that living and dead, he is a full member of the Celestial Church of Christ and that on his death, he should be buried in accordance with the tenets and rites of Celestial Church of Christ.
  7. Must have joined the church for at least one year before he or she can be baptized in the Church; and can only receive anointment at least two years after his or her baptism depending and to commensurate with his or her activities in the church.
  8. Celestial Church of Christ does not encourage polygamy.
  9. Shoes cannot be worn into the Sanctuary and when in your Sutana.
  10. Female members cannot come into the Church during their monthly period.  They are free to return after sanctification on the eighth day (Lev. 12: 1-3).
  11. After delivery of a new baby, the mother shall not return to the church with the baby until after the period of purification which is the 40th day after delivery. (Luke 2:22).
  12. Female members cannot enter the Sanctuary without appropriately covering their heads (1 Cor. 11:5).
  13. Drinking of alcoholic beverages and smoking of tobacco products are not allowed.
  14. New members shall normally, prior to admission as worshippers, undergo sanctification with a pail of water, candle, sponge, and soap for spiritual purification in the church.  The prayer of sanctification shall be conducted by a Pastor’s representative in charge of the Parish or by his appointee – using CCC hymn #8 (Exodus 30:17).

After adhering to the above requirements, you can locate the nearest celestial church to you to document your membership.

Celestial Church of Christ Beliefs/ Culture and Code of Conduct

The following is a summary of rules, regulations and tenets of Celestial Church of Christ.

Members are forbidden to:

  1. Commit Adultery or Fornication
  2. Drink Alcohol, Wine and Smoke Cigarettes
  3. Eat Pork & Crawling Animals
  4. Merry-go-round at night
  5. Wear transparent dress, especially for Soutana while in the Church premises
  6. Wear Red or Black apparel, except for professional reasons
  7. Sit male & female members side by side inside the Church.

Spiritual Code of Conduct

  1. Upon entering the church, at all times, but especially during church services, an individual should remember that he or she is in the House of God. (1 Tim. 3:15). 
  2. Reverence and good manners are required so as not to disturb those who are already engaged in prayer and worship, but even more importantly, as an expression of sincere fear, faith, and awareness of the presence of the Sovereign God of Celestial and the Universe.
  3. You must be properly and appropriately dressed without any loose buttons before coming into the Sanctuary, otherwise, the warden will politely ask that you do it right.
  4. All must not wear transparent or tight regalia (Sutana) to the church. It is ungodly.  Therefore, appropriate and respectful clothing should be worn at all times.  We do this not to impress or spiritually deny each other but to show our Lord that we offer our best to mirror the saints; for He deserves only our reverence, fear, and holiness.  Psalm 96:9; 1 Peter 1: 15-17.

The Altar

  1. No Male not yet anointed is allowed into the altar.
  2. No female shall under any circumstance go beyond the threshold close to the altar and no female shall be allowed to touch the sacred items such as sanctification water vessel, the in-censer or the Cross in the altar.
  3. Women who are still in their flow must of necessity go through sanctification on the eighth day of the commencement of their cycle.  If the flow exceeds seven days, then they must add additional one day after the end the flow before they can come to the church for sanctification.  Please keep off the environment of the church for clear seven days.
  4. Children should be kept effectively under control by their parents during church services.  No child shall be allowed to run up and down the sanctuary of God.  Such children will be taken out and controlled by the warden.
  5. No matter your status, your are not allowed to move out or in during prayer sessions and Sermon period unless your child is during the solemnity of the service.  No walking during prayer sessions at all.
  6. Three elders prayer in the church is reserved for those who are anointed, and should progress between them in ascending order.
  7. There is no singing when you are asked to pray.
  8. Musical instruments used for the glory of God shall remain out of bounds to children.  No child shall be allowed to play with any musical instrument.
  9. There shall be passable column between male and female members when thanks-offering are being brought before the Lord.
  10. No food except water or fruit shall be taken inside the Sanctuary.  No such thing should happen in the altar.  If you need to drink or eat fruit, please do so outside of the altar of God.
  11. No chewing of gum under any circumstances in the Sanctuary of God.
  12. No spraying or pasting of money in the Sanctuary under any circumstances.
  13. No praise-worship of any individual by the choir in the sanctuary under any circumstance.
  14. Use of cell phones is prohibited in the Sanctuary.
  15. All jokes shall strictly be reserved to the endow the Service and all spiritual assignments for the day.  Moreover, jokes should be restrained and confined to within Christian discipline.
  16. There should be no talking or discussion when the Service is in progress.  No irrelevant conversations shall take place either in the Alter or in any other part of the Sanctuary.
  17. There can be no interruption or interjection during the flow of Worship services.  The only period for interjection or interruption, if it is compelling is during the time of announcement, thanks offering or after the Service.  This is crucial.
  18. Members can be allowed in, during Sermon by the warden or the preacher.
  19. Tattoos are not encouraged; ear-rings and weaving of hair on men are to be discouraged.
  20. In-fighting for whatever reason is prohibited and employment of unpolished words is unacceptable in the sanctuary of God.
  21. Complete reverence for the presence of God in the Sanctuary is a MUST at all time.

While in the Church premises, Female members are forbidden to:

  1. Leave their heads uncovered
  2. Paint their lips and nails
  3. Women NEED to be Sanctified by an elder in the Church after 7th day of their monthly cycle
    Spiritual Items:Soap, Water, Sponge, and a candle stick

Male members are forbidden to:

  1. Wear their hair too long

Worshippers pray with their heads bowed to the ground.

CCC_in Prayers_Head bowed to the ground
CCC_in Prayers_Head bowed to the ground

Celestial Church of Christ Vision & Mission Statement

Vision of the Celestial Church of Christ

To evangelize the world through the proclamation of the Word – the Good News of the Messiah Jesus Christ, and of the Kingdom of God; in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, and of the Kingdom of God; in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, proclaiming deliverance to those bound by the shackles of Satan, healing the brokenhearted, the sick, the informed, restoring hope to the hopeless and those who are bound, while reinforcing the faith of all – both feeble and strong in the unfailing righteousness and faithfulness of God Almighty and Jesus Christ, the Lord & Savior.

Celestial Church of Christ Primary Mission

  • To worship God Almighty in holiness and reverence
  • To Preach the good news of the Messiah – Jesus Christ and the imminent Kingdom of God through evangelism, Bible Classes, Bible
  • Lectures, organized spiritual forums, print and electronic media.
  • To prepare believers for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To work for the unity of all Christians
  • To organize and run schools, colleges, seminaries, and research centers.
  • Inculcation and restoration of Christian values into home/families, to encourage family cohesion, peace and stability in homes, neighborhoods, and nations through prayers, counseling and spiritual ministration.
  • Organize charities and relief operations.
  • Promote crime free and drug free environments.

Celestial Church of Christ Purpose

The purposes for which the church is organized are exclusively religious, charitable and educational.

Celestial Church of Christ Social Media Handles and Contacts

To share with you here, is the official social media handles for the Celestial church of Christ. Following our social media pages is a great way to stay connected with our church community, learn about upcoming events, access inspiring messages, and stay up-to-date with our latest news and updates. CCC encourages you to follow us on all of our social media platforms to enjoy these benefits and more. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details and discover CCC’s social media handles!

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Celestial Church of Christ Ministries, and Affiliations

  • Youth Ministry | Raised for a Purpose
    Celestial Church of Christ Youth Ministry. At time when the focus many youths are involved with gangs and violence, at Celestial Church of Christ, we are focusing on grooming our youth to be God-fearing and progressive.
  • Choir Ministry
    Celestial Church of Christ is renowned for its Angelic Choir – Worldwide. Celestial Church of Christ has been the genesis of countless renowned gospel music talents, spiritually inspired music delivering highly active praise-worship sessions wher the Celestial hopefuls reconnect with the Lord as well as with their spirituality.
  • Our Prayer Wall
    God hears your prayers! Use our Prayer Wall to add your prayer requests. We also encourage you to scroll down the page to pray for others.

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Celestial Church of Christ In Photos

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