“And the whole congregation of the children of Israel assembled together at Shiloh and set up the tabernacle of the congregation there. And the land was subdued before them.” Josh. 18:1

Shiloh 2020 Turnaround Encounters!
Shiloh 2020 Turnaround Encounters!


1. Father, we thank you for the supernatural impact of the word at Shiloh since inception – Psa. 115: 1.

2. Father, thank you for turnaround testimonies, diverse healings, deliverances, and breakthroughs that characterized all the past Shiloh events – Obad. 17

3. Father, thank you for the impact of Shiloh 2019 both at Canaanland and across all our viewing centres around the world – Zeph. 3:17

4. Father, thank you for perfect weather condition all through Shiloh 2019 – Job. 37:22

5. Father, thank you for peace and serenity all through Shiloh 2019 – Jn 14:27 ……and many more SHILOH 2020, A Mountain of Transfiguration

6. Father, sanctify the entirety of Canaanland and all viewing centres across globe, making them fit for your manifest presence at Shiloh 2020– Exo. 3:5

7. Father, let your cloud of glory fill the entire Canaanland and all our viewing centres around the world all through Shiloh 2020– 2Chr. 5:13-14

8. Father, let Shiloh 2020be a most peaceful event, thereby providing a platform for the manifestation of signs and wonders among your people – Ps. 46:10

9. Father, we decree perfect weather conditions all through Shiloh 2020 the sun shall not be scorching, and the cloud shall withhold its rain – Job 37:22

10.Father, by the blood of Jesus, we sanctify all equipments that shall be used during Shiloh 2020 both in Canaanland and across all our viewing centres around the world for excellent and hitch-free performance – Rev. 12:11

11. Father, we decree hitch free transmission from Canaanland t0 all our viewing centres around the world all through Shiloh 2020 – 1 Cor. 2:16

12.Father, let the praise sessions and choir ministrations be freshly anointed for maximum impact at Shiloh 2020 – 2Chr 5:13-14

13.Father, by the blood of Jesus, we decree peace across the length and breadth of Nigeria before, during and after Shiloh 2020 – Jn. 14:27 ……and many more


14.Father, let Shiloh 2020, Turnaround Encounters, answer to its name in the lives of all participants – Psa. 126:1

15.Father, confirm again that Shiloh is a divine mandate, by granting everyone access to their long-awaited inheritance – Josh. 18:3

16. Father, in the name of Jesus, let every participant at Shiloh 2020 be supernaturally positioned for Turnaround Encounters in all areas of life – 1 Sam. 3:21

17.Father, raise an army of financial giants from this Commission that will take the world by storms through diverse encounters at Shiloh 2020 – Deut. 28:2/12-13

18. Father, let every encounter with the Word at Shiloh 2020 turn every participant to an envy of his/her world – Gen. 26:1/14 ……and many more


19. Father, send us your life-transforming word at Shiloh 2020, that will open up new chapters to the lives of all participants – 2Cor. 3:18

20. Father, let your word of power trigger instant healings and deliverances from all oppressions of the devil at Shiloh 2020 – Ps. 107:20

21.Father, we decree that no contrary situation in the lives of all participants shall escape your divine judgment at Shiloh 2020 – Is. 49:24-26

22. Father, give your angels charge over the movement of all participants all through Shiloh 2020 against all forms of mishaps – Ps. 91:11

23. Father, make Shiloh 2020 a mountain of divine direction, as the Spirit of God ministers to every participant all through the event – Jn 16:12-13

24. Father, show yourself strong and mighty in the lives of all participants at Shiloh 2020, both at Canaanland and in all our viewing centers across the nations of the earth – Zeph. 3:17

25. Father, let every form of ‘grave’ holding your people hostage be opened at Shiloh 2020 – Ezk. 37:12 ……and many more.


26. Father, through Shiloh 2020, launch this Commission into higher realms of global impact – Gen. 22:16-18

27. Father, cause an army of world changers to emerge from this Commission through diverse encounters at Shiloh 2020 – Obad. 21

28. Father, we decree seasons of unstoppable advancement and enlargement as an aftermath of Shiloh 2020 for this Commission – Is. 54:2-3

29. Father, let every barrier on the path of this Commission be crushed, as you launch her into new realms of exploits at Shiloh 2020 – Is. 45:1-3

30.Father, let Shiloh 2020 be a platform for the rise of giants in this commission – Josh. 18:1 ……and many more.


31.Father, uphold your servant, the Apostle over this Commission, as he prepares for Shiloh 2020 for maximum impact on all participants across the nations of earth – Is. 45:1-3

32. Father, grant divine strength to your servant all through Shiloh 2020 – Eph. 3:16

33. Father, let there be release of fresh oil upon your servant for unusual impact all through Shiloh 2020 – Ps. 89:20

34. Father, by your Spirit, empower your servant and other ministers for maximum impact throughout Shiloh 2020 – 2Cor. 3:6

35. Father, let the heaven over all that will be ministering at Shiloh 2020 open up for unusual revelation, thereby imparting grace on all participants – Acts 19:20 ……and many more


36. Father, release fresh grace upon my life that will position me for Turnaround Encounters with your Word at Shiloh 2020 – 1 Sam. 3:21

37. Father, empower me for continuous change of levels through the revelation of your Word at Shiloh 2020 – Pr. 4: 18

38. Father, at Shiloh 2020, open new chapters to all areas of my life – 2 Cor. 3:18 39. Father, grant me an encounter with the Spirit of boldness at Shiloh 2020, that will empower me to continue to operate in the supernatural – Act. 14:3

40. Father, give me an encounter with the Spirit of faith at Shiloh 2020, that will engrace me for continuous Turnaround Encounters all the days of my life -Psa. 126:1 ……and many more

Jesus is Lord!

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