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Evangelical Church Winning All was formerly Known as Evangelical Church of West Africa


The Evangelical Church Winning All, previously known as the Evangelical Church of West Africa, is one of the largest Christian denominations in Nigeria, with about ten million members.

ECWA is a partner church of the international Christian mission organisation, Serving In Mission (SIM), formerly Sudan Interior Mission. ECWA was founded in 1954 when the SIM-related churches (initially in Nigeria) came together to form an indigenous body

.Since that time, mission stations, Bible Schools, academic schools, and medical programs have been transferred to ECWA leadership.

The Evangelical Church of West Africa was renamed “Evangelical Church Winning All” (ECWA) because of its wide spread beyond its initial scope.

It was as a result of a history of ministry and the wide spread gospel of Jesus Christ in Africa by several missionaries, (Walter Gowans, Thomas Kent, and Rowland Bingham) who came from different parts of Canada and the United States of America in 1893 on what can be termed “evangelical suicide mission”.

This statement which was coined by Oji Chukwudimma Chukwudike because West Africa, at that time, was known to be heavily infested by malaria and there is almost a 100% possibility that a white man will not survive it as they even called the West African region “the white man’s grave.

“These missionaries braved malaria and yellow fever to preach the gospel of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ under the auspices of the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) and planted several churches as they preached along like Paul the Apostle and around mid-20th century these churches became independent to carry on the gospel.

ECWA has the largest mission organization of any African church living up to its name Evangelical the Evangelical Mission Society (EMS) has sent out about 1,600 missionaries.


  • FOUNDING DAY: ECWA was founded in the year 1954
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS: Presently ECWA has about 10,000,000 members
  • HEADQUARTERS: The headquaters of the church is located at No 1 Noad Avenue, P.O. Box 63, 930262 Jos, Plateau State Nigeria
  • BRANCHES: The church has about 6000 branches
  • FOUNDER: The founders of ECWA are Walter Gowans, Thomas Kent, and Rowland Bingham
  • CURRENT LEADER: Rev. Stephen Panya Baba

ECWA is now under the leadership of Rev. Stephen Panya Baba who is assisted by the vice president Rev. Dr. John Aina Omba. The church has about 6000 branches around the world with over 10,000,000 worshipers

The Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) has started a television broadcast station situated at the church headquarters in Jos, the Plateau state capital for the purpose of advancing the course of evangelism and propagation of spiritual messages to its teaming worshipers in Nigeria and countries of Africa.

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