Complete Profile & Latest Information About Agape Christian Ministries Inc.

The Agape Christian Ministries is a Pentecostal mega-church which is internationally recognized as the homed of the blessed people. It is presided by Bishop Felix Adejumo and his wife Reverend Funke-Felix Adejumo.


The reputable Agape Christian ministries Inc. is located at the Possibility Ground, Agape Avenue, off Ilesha Road, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.


In the year 1987, an evening gathering consisting of four individuals, marked off the beginning of the Agape Christian Ministries. This meeting was held as a fellowship in the living room of deacon Felix Aderemi Adejumo. It saw the presence of the founding couples, their mechanic and another individual.

In the early days, the motto of the fellowship was “where two or three are gathered”. This meeting continued to hold on Wednesdays in the living room of the man of God, until God relocated them due to growth and expansion, to a venue within the hospital of an Optometrist – Dr Abiola.

The Ministry then moved to Litho Prints Supplies, the firm then Bro Adejumo was working with. Again the ministry moved to a classroom in a school, through the assistance of a Vicar from an Anglican church, and was further allowed to start as a church at the Victory nursery and primary school where the wife of the founder – Fuke Felix Adejumo was working with commendable results to show.

Agape Christian ministries took off in VICTORY nursery and primary school on 7th August, 1988. As a ministry commissioned by the Lord, the growth of the church was a demonstration of the finger of God. In December, 1989, a bigger hall was secured at No. 47, Oluwatuyi Quarters and the church with gratitude to God moved from Victory Nursery “school.

A moment in celebration of the church’s anniversary also saw the ordination of the founding ministers – Pastor Adejumo and his wife on Saturday, 12th August, 1989. The anniversary was celebrated with pomp, praise and gratitude with the presence of Dr. Francis ‘Wale Oke as the guest speaker and Mrs. Toun Soetan as the guest music minister.

With over 30 years of establishment, the ministry has branches in several states of the federation with impact across the globe.

  • FOUNDING DAY: 7th August, 1988.
  • HEADQUARTERS: Agape Christian ministries Inc. is located at the Possibility Ground, Agape Avenue, off Ilesha Road, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.
  • FOUNDER: Bishop Felix and Reverend Funke-Felix Adejumo
  • CURRENT LEADERS: Bishop Felix and Reverend Funke-Felix Adejumo

Agape Christian Ministries Programme / Events Calendar

  • Agape Christian Ministries International Convention
  • 12Days of Fasting and Prayer (December)
  • Sunday Service
  • Mid-Week Servcie



Some of the departments of the church, who’s collective efforts and cooperation as leaders and a unit have been greatly responsible for the great strides the church has made are;

  • The Royal Women Fellowship which is the body of all Agape women,
  • the Mighty Men of Valor Fellowship for men,
  • the Children’s department,
  • Youth Fellowship,
  • King’s Vessels (Agape Teenagers),
  • Music,
  • Publications,
  • Welfare,
  • Prayer Band,
  • Protocol among many others.

Serving God pays the most. You can join any serving department in order to remain increasingly blessed.


This is the training arm of the Agape Ministries where men and women are being trained to stand out and boldly take responsibilities God gives to them both spiritually and secularly. The curriculum of Agape Ministerial Institute is directed towards building a total man by dealing with the three spheres of man (Spirit, Soul and  Body) I Thessalonians 5:23.

According to the churches website, “The idea of starting Agape Ministerial Institute was borne out of the vision of the man of God to have mission stations requiring men of vision and mission to take charge. The pioneering students of Agape Ministerial Institute matriculated on 8th October, 1991, with Rev. (Mrs) ‘Funke Adejumo as the Director of Studies at no. 47, Oluwatuyi Quarters, Akure. To the glory of God, the Institute has’ consistently operated these programmes as men and women have been tried in His furnace and came out pure as gold.

To date, God has produced able Ministers of the New Testament at, every session of the Agape Ministerial Institute. Men and women from within and outside the ministry have passed through institute and were all baptized with the vision of taking the world for Jesus. The AMI now has campuses in Ado Ekiti, Owo, Ibadan and Lagos, among others.”


The head quarter church auditorium seats on a land mass known as the possibility ground. The auditorium has a seating capacity of 5,000 persons.

According to the church, the continued growth of the church soon necessitated the need for expansion. It soon became obvious that the hall was becoming too small for the growing church especially when there were joint services. Being a visionary, the Bishop scouted for and secured a 1.8 hectares piece of land along Ilesha Road, Akure for the Headquarters of the ministry. The foundation stone of what later became the Possibility Cathedral was laid on March 28, 1992. On hand to perform the historic assignment were two of the mentors of the Adejumos, Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Ministries and Bishop Francis Wale Oke of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries. By dint of hard work and doggedness, the building began to rise and by July 30, 1994, it was roofed on time to host the sixth Annual Convention commencing the following day. The Possibility Ground church, now the Headquarter took off after that Convention.

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