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Daily Manna Devotional
DCLM Daily Manna Devotional

The Topic for Today 23 Rd November 2023 is “ Broken Relationship“

Text:  Jeremiah 11:15-23 (KJV)

15 What hath my beloved to do in mine house, seeing she hath wrought lewdness with many, and the holy flesh is passed from thee? when thou doest evil, then thou rejoicest.
16 The LORD called thy name, A green olive tree, fair, and of goodly fruit: with the noise of a great tumult he hath kindled fire upon it, and the branches of it are broken.
17 For the LORD of hosts, that planted thee, hath pronounced evil against thee, for the evil of the house of Israel and of the house of Judah, which they have done against themselves to provoke me to anger in offering incense unto Baal.
18 And the LORD hath given me knowledge of it, and I know it: then thou shewedst me their doings.
19 But I was like a lamb or an ox that is brought to the slaughter; and I knew not that they had devised devices against me, saying, Let us destroy the tree with the fruit thereof, and let us cut him off from the land of the living, that his name may be no more remembered.
20 But, O LORD of hosts, that judgest righteously, that triest the reins and the heart, let me see thy vengeance on them: for unto thee have I revealed my cause.
21 Therefore thus saith the LORD of the men of Anathoth, that seek thy life, saying, Prophesy not in the name of the LORD, that thou die not by our hand:
22 Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts, Behold, I will punish them: the young men shall die by the sword; their sons and their daughters shall die by famine:
23 And there shall be no remnant of them: for I will bring evil upon the men of Anathoth, even the year of their visitation.

Key Verse: “What hath my beloved to do in mine house, seeing she hath wrought lewdness with many, and the holy flesh is passed from thee? when thou doest evil, then thou rejoicest.” – (Jeremiah 11:15)

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In a book titled “Operation World”, the author, Patrick Johnstone notes that Christianity is steadily making some inroads into India through a strong and effective practice of the house fellowship system. Through it, thousands of tribal people who were initially forced to renounce Christianity are now being reclaimed and have their broken relationship with the Lord rebuilt.

This was not the case with Israel and Judah, who wrought wickedness and lewdness and still wanted to remain in God’s house, not knowing that their holy flesh had been defiled by their offering of incense to Baal. They broke the special bond of relationship with the Lord. Since God would not allow His people to continue in their unjust practices, He sent Prophet Jeremiah to warn them of His impending wrath. Instead of repenting, the men of Anathoth sought to kill Jeremiah. God’s wrath is an unpleasant experience to those who fail to keep their close relationship with Him.

There is punishment for hardened, unrepentant backsliders and sinners that refuse the offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. When God’s purpose to awaken man from spiritual lethargy, backsliding and hardness of heart fails, judgment becomes inevitable. Many today, like Israel, live in sin and still want to remain in the church and workforce. The Spirit of God dwells no more in them, but instead of dropping the church work, they continue to serve with defiled hands. Such services are unacceptable to God without total repentance and restoration.

Righteousness and holiness are more important to God than service. Today, God is warning you to drop the service, repent and be reconciled before His impending judgment. Do not continue to harden your heart to God’s fellowship and relationship.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Drop that work in the ministry and first be reconciled with God.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Ezekiel 43-44

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