Prophetic Declarations By Bishop David Oyedepo For The Year 2022.

Bishop David Oyedepo At Canaanland

The sound of joy shall not cease in your habitation!
This year 2022 shall be a year of thanksgiving for your household!
This year will be a year with a difference in your life!
All your mockers will be alive to see the glory of God in your life!

This year shall be the most robust spiritual year in your life!
As your feet are washed tonight, it shall mark a new beginning!
Whatever may have followed you here, by the feet washing, it shall be drowned inside the water!
There shall be commotions of testimony this January!

Anything frustrating anyone’s life shall be flushed off by the feet washing!
Every misfortune ends this morning in your life!
Everyone that sees today shall see the end of the year!
I decree divine flight for you in 2022!
Prophetic Words will come to pass in your life without struggles!
You shall not be a disappointment to God!
You shall be divinely guided all through the year!

I decree peace in your family, over children and grandchildren!
A good old age becomes the new identity of you and your family!
No mourning of the dead in your household!
The Lord shall make a difference between you and the people of the world!
All through the year, nothing shall fail in your hand!

All through the year, you shall never know setback!
The zeal of God will keep burning brighter in your life!
It is your year of full-scale laughter!
No battle will be able to stand before you!
No emergency call for anyone all through the year!
Every open door shall be opened wider for you!
It shall be congratulations for you all through the year!
Every parent shall enjoy the fruit of their labour!
Every broken home shall be restored!
Every marital challenge shall be turned into a testimony!

Please Note: Annual Winners’ Prayer and Fasting For the year 2022 begins on the 10th of January to the 30th of January 2022.

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