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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional
Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional

The Topic for Today 16Th November 2023 Is “ Loving God’s Word ”

Scripture Reference: — Proverbs 4:20-22 (ESV)

My son, be attentive to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Let them not escape from your sight; keep them within your heart. For they are life to those who find them, and healing to all their flesh.

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God’s Words are life to us and they bring healing to every area of our life, including our inner life (soul). His Word is actually medicine for a wounded soul. Just as there are different types of medicines available for various disease and wounds of the physical body, God’s Word is medicine that heals our minds, emotions, wills, attitudes, consciences, and behaviors. It has a positive effect on our joy, peace, and confidence. It can cure fear, insecurity, and negativity.

Just as we get a prescription from the doctor and patiently take our medicine as often as we are supposed to, and get it refilled when we need to, we should look at God’s Word in the same way. For example, if we are fearful, there are countless scriptures that will help us deal with fear, or if we are worried or anxious, we may turn to Scripture and find help. I am convinced that we do not have a problem for which God’s Word doesn’t have an answer.

Bible study may sound daunting to you, and if so, I recommend that you either join a Bible study group in which the scripture is being explained or find a pastor or Bible teacher who is very practical in their teaching and makes God’s Word applicable to your everyday life. Don’t simply say, “I try to read the Bible and I don’t understand it.” Be determined to find a way to understand it and begin by asking the Holy Spirit to help you learn something each time you open Scripture to read it. After more than 40 years I still do that each morning when I study. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher.

One of the things that helped me a lot was reading good Bible-based books in any area in which I needed help. I read books on rejection, shame, guilt, fear, worry, and emotional healing. Learn to study in the areas where you need help rather than just randomly opening the Bible and reading something in order to check your Bible reading off your list for the day.

Wounded, dysfunctional people have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to go into treatment centers, or for professional counseling. Let me quickly add that both may be very good. But sometimes those same people won’t pay 25 dollars for a Bible-based book from a Christian author or a small fee to attend a Christian conference that could be life-changing for them.

If you are serious about having a wounded soul healed, then you will need to develop a love for God’s Word. See it for what it is! It is not merely words in black ink on white pages. It is life, healing, strength, courage, and anything else you need.

Prayer Starter For Today 16Th November 2023 by Joyce Meyer

Father, I know that Your Word, the Bible, is medicine for my soul. Help me to understand more clearly and find comfort and strength in Your promises, amen.

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