Frank Edwards is a prominent Nigerian gospel artist known for his exceptional musical talent and unwavering commitment to spreading the Christian message through his music.  Please scroll down to discover more about Frank Edward’s background, career, awards, albums and lots more.

Biography of Frank Edwards
Biography of Frank Edwards


 Frank Edward’s Early Life and Background

Frank Ugochukwu Edwards, born on July 22, 1989, is a versatile Nigerian artist, producer, sound engineer, worship singer, and songwriter from Enugu State. He is the visionary behind Rocktown Records, a record label that boasts a roster of talented recording artists, including himself, Gil Joe, King BAS, Nkay, Dudu, and more.

Frank Ugochukwu Edwards was born into a family of seven in Enugu state, Nigeria. Among his five siblings, he discovered his passion for singing at the tender age of ten and received piano lessons from his father during his formative years. His teenage years marked a significant turning point when he embraced Christianity. With six albums and numerous chart-topping singles to his credit, Frank Edwards has firmly cemented his position as one of Nigeria’s premier gospel artists.

Edwards, popularly known as “Frankrichboy,” is a cherished member of Nigeria’s Christ Embassy Church and an integral part of the LoveWorld Music Ministry. He collaborates with fellow gospel musicians like Moses Bliss, Ada Ehi, Sinach, Eben, and Joe Praize, contributing to the ministry’s uplifting musical offerings.

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Frank Edward’s Musical Career

Frank Edwards, is not only a skilled producer but also a proficient multi-instrumentalist. His mastery of the keyboard is showcased in his role as a member of the prestigious Presidential band led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at Christ Embassy Church.

In 2008, he marked his musical journey with the release of his debut album, “The Definition,” comprising 14 captivating tracks, and it was distributed by Honesty Music. Following this, he released his second album, “Angels on the Runway,” in 2010, and the third album, “Unlimited,” in 2011. In November of the same year, “Tagjam” was introduced to the world.

Frank Edwards gained further prominence in 2013 when he made a notable appearance in the live performance of Sinach’s “I Know Who I Am” video, recognized for his distinctive high-pitched voice. Beyond his role as an artist, he excels as a music producer and a master mixer, nurturing emerging talents under his label, Rocktown Records, which boasts promising artists like Gil Joe, King BAS, Divine, Nkay, Soltune, David, and more.

In 2016, he joined forces with renowned American gospel artist Don Moen to produce the album “Grace.” The same year saw the release of his album “Frankincense.”

Expanding his musical repertoire, 2018 witnessed the launch of the album “Spiritual Music Season,” a gift to the Body of Christ, featuring inspiring tracks such as “Miyeruwe” (I Praise Your Name), “You Are Good,” “Who Dey Run Things,” and “Praise Your Name.” Additionally, he collaborated with Nathaniel Bassey on “Thy Will Be Done” and with Jeanine Zoe on “I’m in Love with You,” further solidifying his position in the gospel music industry.

Breakthrough Moments;

Frank Edwards, a prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene, has experienced a series of breakthrough moments throughout his career that have not only propelled him to stardom but also left a profound impact on the world of gospel music. Here are some of his most notable breakthrough moments:

  • Debut Album “The Definition” (2008): Frank Edwards burst onto the music scene with his first album, “The Definition,” released in 2008. This marked the beginning of his journey as a gospel artist and showcased his exceptional songwriting and vocal talents. The album received widespread acclaim, setting the stage for his future success.
  • Presidential Band of Christ Embassy Church: Joining the Presidential band of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy Church was a significant turning point in Frank Edwards’ career. This role not only gave him a platform to hone his musical skills but also introduced him to a wider audience and influential connections within the gospel music industry.
  • Prolific Album Releases: Edwards continued to make waves in the gospel music scene with a string of successful album releases, including “Angels on the Runway” (2010) and “Unlimited” (2011). His prolific output demonstrated his commitment to his craft and cemented his status as a leading gospel artist in Nigeria and beyond.
  • Tagjam Album (2011): The release of “Tagjam” in 2011 further solidified Frank Edwards’ reputation as a musician who could blend various musical genres seamlessly. This album showcased his versatility and creativity in the gospel music sphere.
  • Collaboration with Don Moen (2016): A significant breakthrough in Frank Edwards’ career was his collaboration with the renowned American gospel artist Don Moen on the album “Grace” in 2016. This partnership allowed him to expand his global reach and introduced his music to a wider international audience.
  • The Establishment of Rocktown Records: Beyond his personal successes, Edwards’ establishment of Rocktown Records has been a monumental breakthrough moment. Under this record label, he has nurtured and supported upcoming talents, further contributing to the growth and development of gospel music in Nigeria.
  • “Spiritual Music Season” Album (2018): In 2018, Frank Edwards released the album “Spiritual Music Season,” a significant milestone for him as it was a gift to the Body of Christ. This album featured a collection of inspiring tracks that resonated with his audience and reaffirmed his commitment to uplifting and spiritual music.
  • Collaborations with Notable Artists: Frank Edwards’ collaborations with artists like Nathaniel Bassey and Jeanine Zoe added another layer to his career’s breakthrough moments. These partnerships helped him expand his musical horizons and connect with diverse audiences.
Frank Edwards studio Photo
Frank Edwards in a studio

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 Frank Edward’s Discography and Hit Songs

Frank Edwards has built an impressive discography over the years, and he’s known for many hit songs.

You can stream Frank Edwards songs on the following platforms;

⇒ Youtube
⇒ Boomplay
⇒ Spotify 


  1. “The Definition” (2008)
  2. “Angels on the Runway” (2010)
  3. “Unlimited” (2011)
  4. “Tagjam” (2011)
  5. “Frankincense” (2016)
  6. “Born in July” (2017)
  7. “Spiritual Music Season” (2018)

Hit Songs – (Top Songs By Frank Edwards)

Note: These songs are experiencing increasing views on a daily basis.

  • Mma Mma – A beautiful worship song expressing praise and adoration to God.
  • Oghene Doh – A song of gratitude and thanksgiving to God.
  • You Too Dey Bless Me – A lively and celebratory track expressing God’s blessings.
  • Under the Canopy – A catchy and uplifting song about God’s love and protection.
  • I Made It – An inspirational song celebrating God’s faithfulness.
  • Okaka – A worshipful song that acknowledges God’s greatness.
  • Onye – A song expressing devotion and commitment to God.
  • Chioma – A beautiful track dedicated to God’s love and faithfulness.
  • Opomulero – A song of worship and adoration.


  • You Too Dey Bless Me – 2008
  • Oghene Doh – 2011
  • Celestial (featuring Victor Ike) – 2012
  • Okaka – 2013
  • Mma Mma – 2013
  • Happiness – 2013
  • Under the Canopy – 2016
  • Suddenly – 2016
  • Chukwu Okike – 2016
  • Wetin You No Fit Do – 2017
  • No Other Name – 2017
  • Ibuchi – 2017
  • In Love With You – 2017
  • Miye Ruwe – 2018
  • Chioma – 2019
  • We Worship You – 2020
  • Opomulero – 2020
  • Believers Anthem (Holy) – 2020
  • If Not For You – 2019
  • Logo – 2021
  • Ka Anyi Bulie (feat. Don Moen)
  • Sounds Of Many Waters
  • Selense
  • Miracle Rain
  • I Lift My Voice
  • If Not for You
  • Heavy Down Pour


  • Ka Anyi Bulie (featuring Don Moen) – 2016
  • Onye (featuring Nathaniel Bassey) – 2019

 Frank Edward Awards and Achievements

Frank Edwards, the Nigerian gospel artist, has numerous awards and achievements throughout his career, recognizing his significant contributions to the gospel music industry. Here are some of his notable awards and achievements:

  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards: Frank Edwards has received several Nigeria Entertainment Awards, including those for Gospel Artist of the Year and Best Gospel Singer.
  • African Gospel Music Awards: He has been honored at the African Gospel Music Awards, winning awards such as Best Gospel Video and Best Male Artist.
  • The Headies: He has also been recognized at The Headies, a prestigious Nigerian music awards ceremony, where he won the Best Gospel Single award.
  • Crystal Awards: Frank Edwards has won several Crystal Awards, celebrating his achievements in the gospel music genre, including Best Gospel Artiste.
  • African Muzik Magazine Awards: He has received nominations at the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) in the category of Best Gospel Artist.
  • International Performances: Frank Edwards has performed on international stages, representing Nigerian gospel music on a global scale.
  • Rocktown Records: His record label, Rocktown Records, has become a platform for nurturing and promoting upcoming gospel artists, which is a significant achievement in its own right.
Frank Edwards - Wining Award
Frank Edwards – Wining Award

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Impact on the Gospel Music Industry

Frank Edwards has made a significant impact on the gospel music industry, not only in Nigeria but also on a global scale. Here are some of the ways in which he has influenced and contributed to the gospel music scene:

  • Musical Innovation: Frank Edwards is known for his ability to blend various musical genres, including contemporary gospel, hip-hop, and highlife, to create a fresh and unique sound. His innovative approach to gospel music has attracted a diverse and younger audience to the genre.
  • Prolific Songwriting: He is a prolific songwriter, and his lyrics are often filled with messages of hope, faith, and gratitude. His songs resonate with people of all ages, and they have the power to uplift and inspire.
  • Quality Production: As a music producer, Frank Edwards maintains high production standards. His tracks are well-produced and polished, which sets a benchmark for the gospel music industry.
  • International Collaborations: His collaboration with renowned American gospel artist Don Moen on the “Grace” album extended his reach and introduced his music to a global audience. These collaborations have also helped bridge the gap between Nigerian gospel music and the international gospel music community.
  • Platform for Emerging Talent: Through his record label, Rocktown Records, Frank Edwards has provided a platform for emerging gospel artists. He has nurtured and promoted new talent, contributing to the growth of the gospel music industry in Nigeria.
  • Awards and Recognitions: His numerous awards and nominations at prestigious award ceremonies demonstrate the recognition and appreciation he has received from both the industry and the audience.
  • Consistency: Over the years, Frank Edwards has consistently released quality music, maintaining his relevance and popularity in the gospel music scene.

Philanthropic and Charity Work

Frank Edwards, in addition to his successful music career, has been involved in philanthropic and charity work. While he is primarily known for his music, he has used his platform and resources to make positive contributions to his community and beyond. Here are some of his philanthropic and charity efforts:

  • Supporting the Less Privileged: Frank Edwards has been known to provide support and assistance to underprivileged individuals and families. He has used his resources to offer financial help, food, and other essentials to those in need.
  • Educational Initiatives: He has shown a commitment to education by providing scholarships and financial aid to students who may not have the means to pursue their studies. This support has helped young people access quality education and build a better future.
  • Community Outreach: Frank Edwards has been involved in community outreach programs, often organizing or participating in events that aim to uplift and empower local communities. This can include health initiatives, educational workshops, and more.
  • Promoting a Message of Hope: Through his music and public appearances, Frank Edwards has consistently delivered a message of hope, faith, and positivity. His inspirational music and motivational speaking have provided encouragement to many.

Summary of  Frank Edward’s Journey

Frank Edwards’ journey is a testament to his rise from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in the Nigerian and global gospel music industry. Here’s a summary of his remarkable journey:

Spiritual Transformation: During his teenage years, Frank Edwards experienced a significant spiritual transformation when he became a born-again Christian. This pivotal moment in his life deeply influenced his music and the messages he conveys.
Debut Album “The Definition” (2008): He burst onto the music scene with his debut album, “The Definition,” released in 2008. The album marked the beginning of his journey as a gospel artist, and it received widespread acclaim.
Prolific Music Career: Frank Edwards went on to release numerous albums and hit singles, showcasing his versatility as a musician and his ability to blend different musical genres. His songs often carry messages of hope, faith, and gratitude.
Role in Christ Embassy Church: He became a member of the Presidential band of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy Church, where he honed his musical skills and gained exposure to a wider audience.
Record Label – Rocktown Records: Frank Edwards established Rocktown Records, a record label through which he has not only promoted his own music but has also nurtured and supported emerging gospel artists.
Frank Edwards’ journey is a story of dedication, faith, and musical excellence, and his contributions to the gospel music industry have left an enduring mark.

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Frank Edward’s Social Media

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Popular Events – Frank Edwards

  • Frank Edwards & Eben Concert
  • Rockfest
  • Yadah 4.0
  • The Experience
  • Festival of Praise
  • Derizo Concert
  • TAPE
  • Lots more

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Frank Edward Networth

Frank Edward is estimated to have a net worth of between $600,000  and $5 Million.

Frank Edwards in Photos

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