DUNAMIS International Ministers Flaming Fire Conference (IMFFC) 2020



Come and experience the filling of the Holy Spirit and His power and you will never be the same

The International Ministers Flaming Fire Conference (IMFFC) is a much awaited conference with the head pastors of Dunamis Pst Paul and Pst Mrs Becky Eneche is here.

Ministers from around the globe gather to contact the feelable, tangible, palpable and touchable Presence of God, His Principles and Power, for the end time move of the Holy Spirit. It is a time of fire impartation, intercession, intense Word revelation, consecration and fresh empowerment for the physical and spiritual control of territories and Nations for God , and also a time to contact fresh anointing.

The conference comes up every last week of the month of August

The flaming fire conference for this year begins on the 26th and runs through till the 30th , it is a 5-day of diverse impartation of the word from God’s servant, Pst Paul Enenche, Pst mrs Becky Enenche and others ministers of God. And sometimes Bishop David Oyedepo shows up for the coference.

The theme for the conference is Secret of Perpetual Impact (unending Relevance). The venue is Dunamis International Center, Glory Dome, Abuja


  • Wednesday 26th- 5pm,
  • Thursday-Friday 27th & 28th 9am & 5pm, 
  • Sunday 8am & 10am

Click here to watch IMFFC Livestream

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