Declaring Operation Change of Story.

By a strong signal of the Holy Spirit, the months of April and May are ordained for us in this Commission as a season of dramatic change of story accompanied with infallible proofs. This is premised on two prophetic scriptures:

First, May 2, 2022, marks the end of the 7th year of the Wonder Double Prophetic Visitation and according to scriptures, at the end of every 7 years, there shall be a release — Deut. 15:1

Therefore, the end of the 7th year of Wonder Double Visitation shall be our release into Four-level dimensions of Church growth, which shall be accompanied with four quantum leaps in the life of every engaging Winner after the order of Joseph, whom upon his release was made Lord of Pharaoh’s house, ruler over his substance, made to teach his senators wisdom and to bind his princes at will — Psa. 105:17-22

Secondly, there is the 40 days post-resurrection appearance of Christ which is accompanied by many infallible proofs or proofs that cannot be faulted. Therefore, for 40 days, from Easter Monday, Jesus shall be appearing to every engaging Winner with diverse infallible proofs — Act. 1:3/ Heb. 13:8

In the light of the above, we shall be embarking on Operation Change of Story for the next 8 weeks,
April 4 – May 29, 2022, that is, from Monday, April 4 to Sunday May 29, 2022, so as to make the most of this prophetic season. it shall be a season of supernatural turnaround, both as a church and as individuals.

Furthermore, as a critical portion of this operation, a 7-day of Fasting and prayer is hereby proclaimed between Monday April 4 to Sunday April 11, 2022, across our church network worldwide. This is to set the stage for the supernatural delivery of the 4-level dimension of growth, in commemoration of the end of 7th year of the Wonder Double Prophetic Visitation and the outcome shall be supernatural breakthroughs, both for the church, in terms of growth and expansion, and for us as individuals.

But what must we do as individuals to see this divine agenda delivered? Among others, every Winner must:
Work the work required to deliver his or her minimum 12 established souls into the Kingdom and this Church — Jam. 2:18/26/ Heb. 11:7
Engage in intensive kingdom advancement prayer — Isa. 66:7-8/ Ezk. 36:37
Engage in the work of Soul Winning — Jhn. 15:16/ Luk. 11:21-22/ Jer. 30:19-20
As we are committed to the change of story of others, we have committed God to our own desired change of story as individuals — Eph. 6:8

Four times our present size? How? The same way no one could explain how Joseph’s 4-quantum leaps came about in one single day. The ‘how of God’ is beyond man — Ecc. 11:5/ Mak. 10:27/ Rom. 11:33

Ours is to believe and prove that we do by obeying whatever He says to do, and we are sure to His glory.

Mak. 9:23/ Jhn 11:39-40

Jesus is Lord!

Bishop David O. Oyedepo

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